Introduction to New Pro Swim pool chemicals. The replacement to Fi-Clor.

Delighted to announce that we have just carried out in house training with the new Pro Swim (see of pool chemicals.

The managing director of Pro Swim and a senior sales person visited us at Spruce and introduced the new range of chemicals, which will replace the discontinued range of Fi-Clor pool chemicals.

Pro swim have been around in the market place for many years and we feel they have the most suitable products and service support to replace the premium brand of Fi Clor chemicals.

Of course, we have been using and supplying Fi-Clor chemicals for many years. One of the reasons we’ve opted for Fi-Clor, is because many of the Pro swim range of chemicals are exactly the same formulations and strengths that we were used to with the Fi-Clor brand.

During our in house training we covered the importance of using the correct products for the correct applications, the importance of water chemistry and balancing the water and the correct procedures for water testing and chemical addition.

We’re delighted to now be offering Pro Swim pool chemicals, both in our shop and on site when servicing, renovating and building pools.