Opening up your swimming pool

Is it just us at Spruce Pools, or does it feel like Spring is finally on its way? It feels warmer and brighter when the sun comes out and the days are definitely longer.

As a pool owner your thoughts will probably be turning to the subject of your swimming pool? Principally: 

1. When can I open it? 
2. What do I need to do to get it ready for use? 

The good news is now is definitely time to be having these thoughts. But, of course, after a long winter under cover, the pool will need some TLC, and sometimes something a little stronger, to return it to its former glory and make it safe and enjoyable to swim in. 

In this blog, we take you through the main steps you should follow. Or, you can always call us in and we’ll do the all the hard work for you, but if you do require our services its time to get us booked in now to avoid the rush and to enable us to make sure your pool is ready for the first early spring swims.

We’re writing this blog in mid-February, which is probably a little too early to be thinking about opening fully and getting the bathing costume on, but its a good time to plan ahead and begin the procedure of re connecting the equipment and checking functionality ready for when the weather is consistently pleasant, with little threat of storms or sudden drops in temperature. 

When you’re happy with the longer term forecast, it’s time to put the full pool opening plan into action! 

1. Remove the Pool cover. 

It’s likely you will have covered the pool with a winter cover. This is the first thing which needs to be removed. But remove with care. Pump or siphon off excess water on top of the cover and brush away and remove any debris which is on the cover too. This could include leaves, twigs and other debris blown in from the surrounding area. By removing this with care, you’ll avoid it falling into the pool and adding to your cleaning work load. 

Once removed, wash down your pool cover, allow to dry and then pack away for Autumn, when you next put your pool to bed. Remember to keep the cover somewhere cool and dry, and locked away from mice and other vermin who might fancy a chew on the fabric during those long summer months! 

2. Reconnect and test your pool equipment 

Most pool owners disconnect their pool equipment from the main pool during the closed season. This  protects against damage, during particularly cold spells. At this stage its time to reconnect everything up and check seals and pipes for leaks. 

3. Top up the water level 

If you lowered the water level of the pool, or if the water level has dropped during the time the pool was closed, fill the pool using your garden hose. The normal level for swimming pool water is roughly halfway up the skimmer but at this stage if the pool is particularly dirty or dusty filling right to the top of the pool is recommend so that the pool can be vacuumed to waste and the filter backwashed several times.

4. Turn everything on! 

Once the water has been topped back to were it needs to be, now is the moment to turn everything back on! Once done, make sure you check all seals and pipe work again for leaks. If you spot anything, or the system is making an unusual sound, turn everything off and check the system. If problems continue, or a repair is necessary, give us a call

5. Add chemicals 

Once everything is running as required, now is time to test the water and add in chemicals as needed. Chemicals are used to both clean the water, but also adjust the pH and alkaline to ideal levels. As a guide, you’re looking for a pH of 7.5, alkalinity of between 80 and 120 parts per million and chlorine levels of 2 to 4 parts per million. 

Do not mix chemicals! Add them and store them separately. 

Come in and see us to stock up everything you need and for any advice too. 

6. Brush everything down 

Once your system is running and the levels are reading well in your pool water, it’s time to get busy with your pool brushes! 

Brush the sides and steps of the pool. And don’t forget to clean the ladders, lights and any other hidden crevices. The filter will remove any muck and residue the brushing removes from the surfaces. 

7. Sit back and relax 

Run the system for at least 24 hours to allow everything to wash through the filter. Keep checking levels periodically and adjust as per the results. Pretty quickly your pool should be shimmering and inviting you to come on in! Just hope that our Spring weather doesn’t let you down! 

Whatever March and April showers may occur, we hope you enjoy your pool for the rest of the year. It’s taken a bit of effort for you to open it up. You deserve now to make the most of it!