Case Study: Complete pool renovation

Complete refurbishment of entire pool complex

A recent house purchase included a pool in need of care and attention
11th Jan 2019

When the owners of this new property bought their dream home, the pool was anything but a dream! It was in a very sorry state, full of leaves and other detris, along with a damaged liner, cover and pool walls.

In short the pool needed a complete renovation!

The work involved stripping back the perished and damaged parts of the pool, draining it and then getting to work on bringing it back to its former glory.

To begin, we removed the old cover and liner, and then repaired the pool shell. We installed new coping stones around the circumference of the pool, to give the entire site better stability and a good base upon which to build.

We then added a new on-site liner and a surface mounted automatic safety cover. This would make cleaning and securing the pool when not in use much easier.

Due to the shape of the pool, and the external set of walk-in steps, it was decided to install a surface mount cover system. The cover would fit the contours of the pool snuggly and the mechanism could be added to the opposite end of the pool from the steps.

The liner fitted was a Persia blue-tiled effect pattern using the on-site lining system. This provides both a glorious finish, but also ensures a hard wearing and easy to clean surface.