Case Study: Refurbishment of old liner pool

Family liner pool refurbishment

Refurbishment of a liner Spruce Pools pool, built nearly 20 years old!
11th August 2019

The Fower pool was a pool we originally built in 2003. It has been the centre of the family garden and ‘outdoor time’ since first installed and has seen them through many summers and supplied countless hours of fun!

However, after 19 years the pool needed a bit of attention. Even for the hardiest of pool constructions and care by the owner, pools suffer wear and tear due to use, the elements and being outside in all weather 24 hours a day, 365 days a year!

The owners came to us to access the pool and general setting. It was obvious that the pool needed a new liner. In addition, some refurbishment work was required on the steps to make them safe, watertight and return the pool to its original glory.

At the same time we fitted and a brand new automated safety cover. This would protect the pool and liner from the weather, debris and animals. The automated system makes the retraction and closure of the cover very simple. 

The liner we installed was a Persia Sand-tiled effect pattern. It’s a hard wearing, comfortable liner, which looks glorious under the sun and is easy to clean.