Case Study: Repairs to a family pool

Breathing life back into a family pool

Rusted side panels and a tired old liner ruined family swim time
12th May 2020

A family pool in Salisbury was in need of some TLC. It was a much loved pool, set in glorious surroundings. But the pool itself was starting to creak.

The metal panels which formed the pool shell were rusting and this was impacting on the already old and fraying liner.

The first job was to drain the pool to give our engineers access to the site.

Once drained, we then stripped away the old liner. This allowed us to make good the foundations of the pool. Afterwards, the metal panels which made up the pool shell were repaired and treated for rust.

Once the entire shell of the pool was secured and made good, we then could fit the new liner. We chose a Persia Sand patterned bag type liner.

The reason for this was ease and speed of installation, but also for hardinesss of the liner and the visual appeal of the design. The colour scheme worked really well with the surroundings of the pool house and the gardens around it, complementing the entire setting.