Case Study: School pool refurbishment

Refurbishment of a school swimming pool

A historic school pool, complete with leaks!
23rd June 2021

This project included the complete refurbishment of an existing private school swimming pool. It was more than 25 years old and had been in regular use by the school all year round.

As well as general wear and tear, the pool had developed a significant leak which needed fixing, requiring both pipework and structural improvements.

The leak was identified by the process of pressure testing. This allowed us to quickly assess where water was leaving the system and focus our efforts on those areas. 

The leak had occurred because of failing pipework and poor underground pipe connections.

We arranged to excavate carefully around 3 sides of the swimming pool. This would expose the pipe work to enable us to better recognise the problem and size of the issue.

We found poor quality flexible pipework with loose underground connections on all the fittings.

We replaced all the existing pipes with a rigid ABS pool pipe. This was fitted all the way back to the plant room location.

We then installed all new filtration and pipework in the plant room to ensure complete certainty throughout the entire system.

Finally, we installed a new pool liner, transforming the old tired pool into a brand new, good looking fully functioning and leak free swimming pool! 

By doing so we have given it a new lease of life, to provide many more years of trouble free use for the school.