Concrete Pool Conversion

The following images show the stages undertaken during a project which we undertook at a local school.

The project involved the conversion of a thirty year old concrete pool that was leaking due to  structural damage caused by various site  conditions including a large tree that had fallen across the pool during a storm.

The end result provided the school with a brand new looking liner pool with no leaks, giving the pool a new lease of life with an expected 20 years use before the next liner would be required.

Whilst carrying out the refurbishment works we also reduced the depth of the pool,  the pool had previously been used as a diving pool with various height diving boards that had all been removed long before the refurbishment works were carried out, the extra depth needed for diving was no longer a requirement and by reducing the depth there was much less water to heat and treat with chemicals, therefore saving the school some running costs.

Start of works
Deep end being depth reduced
Liner installed and lane markers being fixed
School logo and lane markers installed
Finished pool
Finished pool