Considerations when positioning a swimming pool

Where to place your swimming pool

Positioning a swimming pool is a key consideration in the planning and construction of, what will be, one of your most used and cherished garden locations.

The location of the pool can affect its usability, maintenance and overall aesthetic. Here are some factors to consider when positioning a swimming pool:

1. Sunlight.

Consider the amount of sunlight the area receives throughout the day. A pool that receives direct sunlight in the morning and evening will be warmer and more pleasant to use.

2. Privacy.

How much privacy do you want in the area surrounding the pool? A pool positioned near a fence or natural barrier can provide more privacy and seclusion. Equally, a pool far away from roads and neighbours will have better privacy but might be longer walk to reach.

3. View.

Think about the view to and from the pool area. A pool positioned to offer a scenic view can be a great addition to the outdoor living space.

4. Accessibility

How easy is it to reach the pool? Is it close to the house and accessed by paths? The ease of access to the pool area is important. A pool positioned close to the house or other living areas will be more convenient to use. Think about building paths and walkways to reach the pool.

5. Safety

The safety of the pool area is key. A pool positioned away from roads or areas where children play can help prevent accidents.

6. Drainage

Drainage of the area might not be an immediate thought, but very important. A pool positioned on a slope or in a low-lying area may require additional drainage or grading to prevent water-logging.

7. Building restrictions

Be aware of any local building restrictions or regulations that may affect the positioning of the pool. Check before you begin your project!

In conclusion

Once you have considered all of these factors, you can choose a location for your pool that is both functional and visually pleasing.

Remember that the positioning of your pool can greatly affect its overall usability and enjoyment, so take the time to carefully plan its location.

Talk to us today about your pool project. We’ll be delighted to help and advise.