Essential pool equipment

What you need with your swimming pool

Below is a list of essential pool equipment which every pool owner should have or should install to enjoy hassle free, effective pool ownership. Talk to us if you need help with any of them.

1. Pool pump and filter

This is the most important piece of equipment for maintaining the cleanliness and circulation of your pool water.

2. Skimmer

A skimmer is a device that is installed in the side of your pool and is designed to remove debris from the surface of the water.

3. Automatic pool cleaner

An automatic pool cleaner is a device that is designed to automatically clean the bottom and sides of your pool.

4. Chlorinator

A chlorinator is a device that is used to add chlorine to your pool water to keep it clean and safe for swimming.

5. Heater

A heater is used to raise the temperature of your pool water, making it more comfortable for swimming.

6. Lighting

Pool lighting is important for both aesthetics and safety. It allows you to swim in the evening and also illuminates the pool area for security purposes.

7. Safety equipment

This includes pool alarms, safety covers, and pool fencing. These are essential to ensure the safety of children, pets and others who may be at risk of drowning.

8. Maintenance equipment

This includes a pool brush, vacuum, and chemical test kits. These are necessary to keep your pool water in optimal condition and to detect any issues early on.

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