How to handle swimming pool chemicals

10 things to remember with pool chemicals

Chemicals are essential to keep swimming pools clean and safe to swim in, but caution needs to be taken when handling them.

Here are the ten key things to consider when handling swimming pool chemicals:

1. Protective equipment.

Always wear protective personal equipment such as gloves, respirators, and goggles when handling swimming pool chemicals.

2. Storage.

Store all chemicals in a cool, dry place, away from heat sources and direct sunlight.

3. Read the label.

Make sure to read and follow the instructions on the chemical labels before using them.

4. Keep apart

Never mix different types of chemicals together, this can cause dangerous reactions.

Where possible a dedicated chemical feeder should be installed in the plant room at the last point of the return plumbing.

5. Use pre-measures

Pre-measure chemicals with a clean dry scoop or jug, add the pre-measured chemical to a bucket full of pool water and mix thoroughly before adding to the pool.

Always pre- mix and add chemicals to the pool, rather than pouring them directly from the container.

6. Levels

Keep a close eye on the pH and chlorine levels of the pool and adjust as needed, little and often is the best way.

7. Don’t pour

Never pour chemicals directly into the skimmer or pump basket, as this can damage the equipment and could cause chemicals to mix with tablets already in the skimmer.

8. Disposal

Dispose of empty chemical containers properly, rinse with pool water and dispose or recycle according to local regulations.

9. In case of emergency

Keep a first aid kit and emergency contact information near the pool in case of accidental exposure or injury.

Ask pool chemical suppliers for safety data sheets for all chemicals and keep copies in a folder that is easily accessible.

10. Test regularly

Regularly test the water in your pool to ensure that the chemical levels are balanced and safe for swimming.

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