Early Summer Pool Checklist: Getting Ready for Warmer Weather!

As the days lengthen and temperatures begin to rise, your pool becomes the centrepiece of your garden, relaxation and entertainment. Late spring / early summer is the ideal time to ensure your pool is in peak condition to handle the upcoming holiday season and, hopefully, warmer weather!

Here’s a detailed checklist to help you prepare your pool for the summer fun ahead, ensuring everything is safe, efficient, and ready for those long, hot, lazy days of relaxing in your pool.

  1. Inspect and Maintain Pool Equipment Check the Pump and Filter:
    Ensure your pump and filter system are running smoothly. Clean or replace filters as necessary, and check for leaks or unusual noises in the pump.

    Service the Heater:
    If you have a pool heater, make sure it’s functioning correctly, especially if it hasn’t been used in a while. Consider booking a visit from us to check everything over to avoid any problems, leading to cold patches during unexpected chilly summer evenings.

  2. Balance Pool Chemistry Test Water Levels:
    Check the pH, chlorine, and alkalinity levels. Adjust the chemicals to ensure the water is safe and comfortable for swimmers, and make sure you have a sufficient stock of necessary chemicals for the season. You can buy everything you might need from our online shop or visit us at Old Sarum.

    Shock the Pool:
    Perform a shock treatment to eliminate bacteria, algae, and other organic material, setting the stage for a clean start to the summer.

  3. Clean the Pool Area Skim and Vacuum:
    Remove leaves, insects, and other debris from the water surface and pool bottom. A clean pool is more inviting and less prone to circulation issues.

    Brush the Walls and Tiles:
    Reduce algae and sediment buildup by thoroughly brushing the pool walls and tiles.

  4. Ensure Safety Measures are in Place Inspect Safety Equipment:
    Check that all safety equipment, such as life rings, ropes, and pool edge guards, are in good condition. Replace anything that’s showing signs of age and wear.

    Review Fencing and Gates:
    Make sure the pool area is securely fenced, and that gates are functioning properly to prevent unsupervised access, especially by children.

  5. Update or Repair Pool Deck and Furniture Repair Deck Damage:
    Fix any cracks or wear in the decking to prevent trips and falls.

    Refresh Pool Furniture:
    Clean, repair, or replace outdoor furniture to enhance comfort and aesthetics for poolside lounging.

  6. Prepare Pool Accessories Check Pool Toys and Floats:
    Inspect all pool accessories for damage and cleanliness. Discard any that are broken or beyond repair.

    Set Up Shade:
    Consider umbrellas, pergolas, or awnings to provide shade and reduce the risk of sunburn.

  7. Optimise Pool Lighting Inspect and Upgrade Lighting:
    Ensure all pool and surrounding area lights are working. Consider upgrading to energy-efficient LED lighting for better visibility and reduced energy costs.

  8. Plan for Pest Control Manage wasps, biting insects and other pests:
    Implement measures to control insects and pests that can be a nuisance around water, such as proper drainage, wasp traps and natural repellents.

By following this early summer pool prep checklist, you can rest assured that your pool will provide a safe, clean, and enjoyable environment all summer long. Taking these steps now will help prevent problems during the season, allowing you to relax and enjoy your pool to the fullest.

Call us or call in to our shop to talk through any questions you might have, or to book a visit from one of our engineers.